Sprint Boards 2.0: here’s what’s new

We’ve been quite busy for the past several months. In late April, we announced that we would be migrating to the React framework and building an entirely new OAuth2-compatible API.

After many long hours, late nights and weekends, we are so thrilled to announce it’s now live!

You will most likely notice how much faster our site is now: that’s because we’ve migrated to a ‘single-page app’ architecture and we make aggressive use of code splitting which means only the resources you need are downloaded. It works and behaves like a pre-installed app on your device, but in your web browser.

Every line of code has been reviewed and optimised: while there aren’t many front-facing changes that you can see, the front-end has been entirely rebuilt from the ground-up and the back-end architecture is all new.

We’ve also made improvements to our deployment process: we are now able to apply bug fixes and feature improvements without taking the service offline.

However, we did manage to fit in some great front-facing improvements that we think you’ll really appreciate:

  • We’ve refined the look and feel of your boards to make better use of horizontal space: tool actions are now on the left-side (on desktops), cards have a much cleaner colour scheme and are a lot more compact and easier to read.
  • You can now right-click on cards to perform actions such as edit, delete, highlight and copy.
  • We no longer allow users to like cards multiple times and we now show you the cards you’ve liked.
  • We’ve improved Slack integration so you can now choose the channel to send board invites into.
  • We now automatically encrypt new subscriber boards: you no longer need to store your own passwords.
  • You can now customise the column titles when creating a new board. We will soon be supporting the ability to add and remove columns (and yes, also being able to add more than five – watch this space).

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